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The Analog Circle Podcast

Sep 25, 2017

In this weeks show Kiaun will discuss when the new Monster Hunter game will release,what we can expect to see in the remastered version of Zone Of Enders,some new Rockstar news is coming out this week,as well as how to unlock the Nintendo classic Golf on the Nintendo Switch. This and much more on this loaded episode.

Sep 18, 2017

In this episode Kiaun will discuss Microsoft's Intelligent Delivery System,Nintendo winning the NPD for August,a new Playstation 4 COD bundle,more Cyber Punk 2077 news and having the ability to record game play footage in 1080P resolution on Xbox One. This and much more on this week's episode.

Sep 6, 2017

In this weeks episode Kiaun will be discussing a new Grand Tourismo Playstation 4 Bundle,a new Bioshock Collectors Edition,when the new Resident Evil 7 DlC will release,when the next DLC Pack will be available for COD Infinite Warfare.All this and more in episode 66.